POS currency delivery

By visiting Sattar exchange, you will be able to buy and receive Canadian dollars, American dollars and digital currency from us instantly with your Iranian bank card, as well as MasterCard, Visa card, etc

Immediate delivery of purchased money in cash
Deposit the purchased amount to your bank account
Payment of the purchased amount via email transfer

One of the interesting features of this device is that you can withdraw balance from your bank account whenever you want or pay your monthly bills with it!

It is very easy to use this machine in the sales terminals, just insert your card into the machine and enter the desired amount and confirm, and then when you personally enter your bank card code, this amount will be deducted from your account. Is deducted!

All these steps will be completed within a few seconds and after the device is finished, it will give 2 confirmation receipts, one for the buyer and the other for the seller!

This receipt shows that all the operations have been done correctly and even you can check your bank account balance using the device after the operation is completed.