Sattar exchange rules and regulations

1- All the activities of the Sattar Exchange site are within the framework of international laws, and the use of the services of the Sattar Exchange, including registration, buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, etc., is based on a careful study and acceptance of its rules. Therefore, the user acknowledges that the source and destination of all digital currencies in the transactions of the site are completely legal and in accordance with international laws.

2- All service fees and transaction fees in Sattar Exchange are in accordance with the explanations provided on the page of buying and selling, depositing and withdrawing.

3- Sattar Exchange ensures that it keeps users’ assets in trust (by complying with existing standards in the field of security). In case of any security problem, Sattar Exchange will be committed to compensation.

4- Sattar Exchange considers itself obliged to protect the user’s privacy and personal information and stores this information on the Cold Storage platform. This information is kept by Sattar Exchange and will not be given to any third party.

5- The users of Sattar exchange agree that they are familiar with the digital currency market and despite the risks related to investing in this area, they invest with full knowledge and awareness and profit and loss from any user activity in Sattar exchange. It is up to him.

6- To maintain the security of their user account, the users of Sattar exchange undertake not to provide their security information, including password, SMS code, registered email and Google Authenticator code to anyone else. Also, maintaining the security of e-mail and SIM card is completely up to the user. In case of such problems, the user is obliged to immediately inform Sattar Exchange, otherwise Sattar Exchange will not be responsible for the user’s assets.

7- In order to maintain security and prevent abuse of users’ accounts, if necessary, the support team of Sattar Exchange will have an audio or video call with the user. In the said call, no personal information such as login password and personal wallet password will be asked from the user. Therefore, under no circumstances should the mentioned items be given to another person, even the support staff of Sattar Exchange. Otherwise, all the consequences are on the responsibility of the account holder.

8- It is recommended to use a password with high complexity and a two-factor identification code to prevent existing frauds.

9- In order to prevent money laundering and increase the security factor of transactions, Sattar exchange complex has considered the completion of the identity verification process mandatory for all users who intend to buy and sell cryptocurrency or create an account. Therefore, in order to use the site and platform of Sattar exchange, it is mandatory to verify the identity and it is necessary to send all the requested documents and information correctly and completely by the user. In order to carry out the identity verification process, information such as national number, mobile number, photo of valid identification document and selfie photo (according to the requested format of the Sattar exchange website) are required.

10- In case of any violation in identity verification, including software change and use of other people’s documents, it is obvious that the responsibility of the user account rests with the account owner and Sattar Exchange has the right to stop providing services to the said user and refer the user to the relevant authorities. It has Salah. Also, Sattar Exchange is obliged to keep personal information of users and undertakes that none of the documents will be misused. If the user’s illegal activities cause damage to Sattar Exchange, Sattar Exchange can claim the damage from the user.

11- The user account must be used only by the user and the use of the user account by a third party is against the rules. The responsibility for the rights of each user to use the site belongs to the user himself, and the responsibility of each user’s use of his username and password will be the sole responsibility of the account owner. Also, the account owner is responsible for all transactions made from his user account.

12- Sattar Exchange has the authority to immediately block a person’s user account if any violation of the conditions and rules is detected. In case of any misuse of the referral code of Sattar Exchange in illegal activities, the user is fully responsible for it, and Sattar Exchange will have the right to invalidate the identification code and close the account without the need for a court order.

13- Sattar Exchange has the right to exchange Tomans in case of written request from the courts and government institutions or in case the user is found guilty or suspected of acquiring proceeds from the place of crime and in other cases deemed necessary by the operational policy of Sattar Exchange. to be given, to declare forbidden.

14- Sattar Tether Exchange is allowed to calculate or deposit funds or cryptocurrency to the user’s account by mistake, at any time, without performing any administrative and judicial formalities and without obtaining written permission from the account owner to correct the error and withdraw from the account. His accounts will take action and Sattar Exchange’s diagnosis of a mistake or payment without right and the need to withdraw from the account will be valid, and the user waives the right to make any objections and claims regarding the operation of Sattar Exchange, from any angle.

15- In case of any problem or ambiguity in any transaction or order, Sattar Exchange has the right to independently cancel that order and return the assets of each of the parties to their account. It is obvious that if there is a problem with the Sattar Tether exchange, it will be obliged to compensate for the damage, and otherwise the user forfeits the right to make any objections and claims regarding the operation of the Sattar exchange in any way.

16- Sattar Exchange has no responsibility in connection with the delay or failed transaction